Unios – The best NFT Avatar & brand mascot of UniLaunch

UNIOS NFT AVATAR - The brand mascot of UniLaunch

What is Unios?

Unios - representative of Unilaunch is an item in an incredible NFT collection of 3636 unique NFT avatars on Solana Blockchain inspired by powerful unicorns.
The collection includes exotic Avatars that are made up of hundreds of innovative traits. Distinctive vibrant colors and styles make each Unios one of a kind and also help determine its rarity.
The highlight of the Unios is that it is more than just an NFT collection. If you own an Unios NFT, you are eligible to become an exclusive member of the VIP Group to gain some distinct perks such as IDO allocations, airdrops, in-person events, Share-to-earn rewards and more.
No two Unioses are alike, you are unique in Unilaunch's ecosystem.

What make Unios unique?

The Avatar system provides users with a limited number of 3636 Unios Avatars. So no matter how many copies of Unios appear, those are not NFT.
Each individual Avatar is entirely unique. Since no two Unios Avatars are alike, there is always something unique for you in the large ecosystem.
Productive investment
NFT holders can earn through various perks. Besides, the rarity has helped drive up the price and demand for NFTs. Users can consider buying NFTs as a type of long-term investment.
NFT Tiers
The Avatars are divided into several ranks with different perks. The higher the rarity of the Avatar users own, the more income. (Common: 1.5x, Rare: 2x, Elite: 3x)
NFT Supply
NFT Distribution

holders benefits

Guaranteed Allocation

Guaranteed Allocation

Avatar Holders will have a guaranteed allocation for all IDO events without worrying about being whitelisted for tiered sales.



NFT holders can exercise voting rights on key elements such as upcoming events, and prioritized features on the Roadmap.

Community Perks

Community Perks

Avatar owners can join our private group, receive low-priced purchases, and get the earliest updates on market trends, …



Holders can earn weekly rewards by staking NFTs. The more NFTs staked, the more passive income increases.

Share-to-earn Rewards

Share-to-earn Rewards

A vault where Avatar holders can get passive income rewards by sharing a post assigned by Unilaunch. The more posts they share, the more they earn.


Roadmap Unilaunch Roadmap Unilaunch
  • Team building
  • Market Research
  • UI/UX Design DApp
  • Landing Page
  • Whitepaper Release
  • Pitch deck Release
  • Launchpad Release (Testnet)
  • Official Launchpad Release (Mainnet)
  • Support Ethereum Blockchain, BNB Chain, Avax, Cronos
  • Marketing and Partnership
  • INO Launching
  • IDO Launching
  • Incubation Hub
  • Share-to-Earn Release
  • Mobile app
  • Staking
  • Farming
  • Swap
  • Update new features


With ten years of experience in the blockchain industry, Raymond T has a strong entrepreneurial spirit as well as a sharp awareness of market trends. He has successfully led many blockchain projects and reached certain achievements. His professional background has given him a wide range of expertise in project management, marketing, and programming, especially in the crypto industry.

Raymond T

Henry has 4 years of experience in cryptocurrency marketing and business development. He has hands-on experience with CRM and SEO tools like Google Analytics, Google Adwords, etc. The In-depth knowledge of designing, planning and executing effective marketing campaigns makes him a very important member of the project.

Henry D

Lucas has extensive knowledge of technological trends to build strategies for blockchain projects. He takes the responsibility for developing technical aspects of the project’s strategy to ensure alignment with development goals. He supervises system infrastructure to ensure efficiency as well as communicates technology strategy to partners and investors.

Lucas Truong

Ellie has advanced knowledge of the blockchain sector. She is a master of planning and leading community initiatives with excellent social media management, especially for crypto projects. Ellie is in charge of implementing communication campaigns and strategies and communicating with users and community members.

Ellie Mai

Dolas T is a young 3D Artist who strives for artistic freedom. He has a deep faith in creating art as a means of discovering a vast inner universe beyond the human eye. He has worked on art in several NFT projects with a unique and creative art style.

Dolas T

NFT Artist

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